Florence Nightingale School of General Nursing and Midwifery & Paramedical Science was established in the year 2005. We are offering Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery, B.Sc. Nursing and Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing courses. In the year 2010 the school of nursing upgraded in to COLLEGE of nursing. Since 2013 we are offering Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing also. Our instituting has been accredited and affiliated to Indian Nursing Council, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh, State Nursing Council, Rohilkhand University Bareilly. We are providing excellent education in nursing within an academic frame work specifically directed to the development of critical thinking skills, competencies and standard required for practice of professional nursing. We prepare our students to provided quality nursing care under evidence based practice for their profession

Objectives of our Institution:
  • Apply Knowledge from physical, biological and behavioral sciences, medicine including alternative systems and nursing in providing nursing care.
  • Providing nursing care based on a systematic approach of nursing process in collaboration with the individuals and group.
  • Utilize the latest trends and technology in providing health care.
  • Participate as member of the health team in delivery of preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health care service.
  • Demonstrate use of ethical values in their personal and professional life.
  • Demonstrate skills in teaching to individual and group in clinical / community health settings.
Aims of Florence Nightingale Institute of Nursing

Our aim is to prepare nurse to practice at 1st level position in the hospital and community to provide primary, secondary and territory health care.

  • To develop and understanding of behaviors science applied in meeting nursing need the patience.
  • To develop, plan and implement nursing care for the promotion of health. Provision to rehabilitation and meeting emergency situation.
  • To develop the  ability  to communicate effectively.
  • To prepare students as an important member of health team.
  • To prepare nurses with sound theoretical and practical knowledge and become efficient member among health team personnel.
  • To prepare nurses to assume responsibilities as promotive, competent nurses and midwives in providing preventive , promotive, curative and rehabilitative services.
  • To Prepare nurses who can apply critical thinking to make independent decisions in nursing care and research in various situation.
Philosophy of Our Institution
  • We believe that Nursing contributes to the health service in a vital significant way in the health care delivery system.
  • Since nursing provides and will undoubtedly continue to provide a large part of health care, the training of nurses should equip them with professional expertise to meet the changing demands of society their expanding role there in.
  • Scope of nursing practice encompasses provision of promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of care to people across their life span in wide variety of health care setting.
  • Nursing is broad based education within an academic framework specifically directed to the development of critical thinking skills, competencies & standards required for practice of professional nursing.